This website will document my journey, as an artist and technician through the bizarre and compelling medium of video feedback.

February 24, 2015:

I woke up too early this morning. Thinking about an experiment I wanted to try. Then I did it. Theres a feeling I remember getting on those rare moments, years ago, while making video feedback and rocking out so hard the poor old telly just died. The psycho-delic/tronic experience was just too much for the components to endure. Quite literally, a show stopper. It was a wonderful feeling of triumph. If other people were watching, they'd freak out. It was the stuff underground legends are made of. Today I had that feeling. Today I cloned MetaMirrors and daisy-chained the clones, each one with a different kaleidoscope group fed into one another. It worked! The results were unimaginable! Nested digital kaleidoscopes defining the edges of a fractal fluid oozing out of TV Killer, my trusty old video camera, onto the illuminated screen. Whirlpools of living rainbow gasoline puddle mutating my fingers into tendrils descending in scale down an oscillating mandalic fractal. But only for a minute. Until the computer choked on it! No sparks or smoke, nothing fried. No need to carve another notch on TV Killer. But it felt good! Today is going to be a good day.

Here are some old recordings of performances, installations and experiments from my youtube channel. New links to come soon...